1. Add zkSync Era mainnet to your wallet (https://chainlist.org/chain/324)


2. Swap $ETH to zkSync Era

We highly recommended the official zkSync bridge to avoid to avoid any potential impact on your future benefits.

  1. zkSync bridge

Authorize in [Metamask] - Swap $ETH for a reasonable balance. The gas fee could be $6.


  1. CEX

Withdrawing ETH to zkSync Era from CEX, including OKX, Gate.io, etc. is also acceptable.

  1. Other bridges

Use other bridges to swap $ETH from Arbitrum/Optimism to zkSync

https://www.orbiter.finance/?source=Arbitrum&dest=zkSync Era

Contribute through multiple transactions on zkSync😉We eagerly anticipate the flourishing growth of this ecosystem!

3. CARV Your zk-SBT now!

zkSync Era Proficiency Certification